Installing Apache Thrift

Recently I needed to install Apache Thrift (version 0.9.0). This did not go as I hoped. Make failed with a message along the lines of “No rule to make target…” and something about ParentService.cpp. After trying several combinations of settings I managed to get pasted the issue. There isn’t really any active development on thrift so I did a git clone from their git repo. Manually installed autoconf because centos 6’s version was outdated –my distro from 2012 has a less up to date version than required by a product last updated in 2010. Ran the ./, ./configure, make, sudo make install. Done. Hope that helps someone.

tl;dr: If running into a “No rule to make target” error during the make of Apache Thrift 0.9.0, then head from git and build that.

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