The week in articles.

Here are some articles I found interesting from this week.

Automatic Deploys At Etsy by rlerdorf
 In which a deployment strategy designed for 0 interruption time is discussed.

Design Patterns after Design is Done by Jim Bird
Frames refactoring and code legibility in terms of design patterns discussing what works and what does not work.

6 Warning Signs That Your Technology is Headed South by Christopher Taylor
Discusses technological and personal costs of using old technology.

The Date Question by George Dinwiddie
Discusses software deadlines trying to get to the root of the question, “When will this software be done?”

Ambient occlusion for Minecraft-like worlds by Mikola Lysenko
Discusses Ambient Occlusion in voxel based games using Minecraft as a specific example.

Erlang at Basho, Five Years Later by Justin Sheehy
Sheehy talks about the challenges that were expected using Erlang and the challenges that were actually encountered.

15 workplace barriers to better code by Peter Wayner
A list of things that annoy programmers and get us out of “the zone.”

Why Javascript by Alex Russell
Russell defends javascript on the web and confronts frequent arguments against it’s use.

How Clutter Affects Your Brain (and What You Can Do About It) by Mikael Cho
A not exactly minimal article on minimalism and what effect clutter can have on your ability to focus and be creative.

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