PHP Doesn’t Play Nice

On Friday I ran into a problem that very much looked like a bug in PHP. From what I can tell a function was not called that should have been. Here is an oversimplification of the code:

function foo() {
   ... some lines of code ...
   ... couple lines of code ...
   if(some stuff)
      error log that happened
   ... some more lines of code ...

function bar() {
   ... some lines of code ...
   error log that didn't happen
   $this->someState = a new state
   ... some lines of code ...

I ran this code once and the state of the class didn’t change and the error log line from bar() was not in the logs but the error log from foo() was in the logs. The error log in bar() isn’t any any kind of if or other flow control nor is there any place to return from bar() before the error log line. In foo() the call to bar() is also not in any if or similar block. Basically, if foo() was called, which I know if was because of the log line, and I know it was that log line because it’s unique, then bar() must have been called, and if bar() was called the log from bar must have been generated.

I saw that, scratched my head for awhile, and then ran the code again. This time I saw both log lines and the objects state changed as it is supposed to when bar() is run. The code was not changed between executions. The same data was provided for the execution each time. The log line in bar() was new but I had run the code with that change a few times before with different data and bar() properly wrote to the error log.

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