Recently I needed to install Apache Thrift (version 0.9.0). This did not go as I hoped. Make failed with a message along the lines of “No rule to make target…” and something about ParentService.cpp. After trying several combinations of settings I managed to get pasted the issue. There isn’t really any active development on thrift so I did a git clone from their git repo. Manually installed autoconf because centos 6’s version was outdated –my distro from 2012 has a less up to date version than required by a product last updated in 2010. Ran the ./, ./configure, make, sudo make install. Done. Hope that helps someone.

tl;dr: If running into a “No rule to make target” error during the make of Apache Thrift 0.9.0, then head from git and build that.

I just found out that Posterous is going down. I’ve decided to give WordPress a try for awhile. This means I’ll have to pay money for what I was getting for free (custom domain name) but whatever.

One bit of good news is that Posterous has an export feature and WordPress can import that. I’ve been waiting for that to generated and happened to notice that there is fuck all for it to export. So screw it. I get a new blank slate to do absolutely nothing with.

Anyway, dear internet traveler, if you come across this post have pity on it. It’s likely to be a very lonely post on a likely ignored blog.